About Emily Grace

 Emily Grace is an artist originally from Oklahoma, USA. She was a professional ballet dancer and, upon retirement, decided to earn her BFA in studio art. She is now living and working in the Pacific Northwest, and continues to draw inspiration from the unique qualities in people around her. Emily Grace has been influenced by seeing how gender roles are implemented in society and how harmful these can be. Her work strives to express the freedom and fluidity of people around us.

"Why are humans so quickly categorized and sorted to fit into a comfortable and understandable box? Why is it seen to be a disadvantage to be deemed fundamentally different or strange? In my work I strive to paint those often ignored and passed over. To cause the viewer to have to address why what they see may make them uncomfortable, or soothe them. Much of my inspiration is derived from seeing people that are wholly and unapologetically themselves. My voice is through my art, and this is how I speak. "